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Foundations - Baby Crib

The Secret to Welcoming Families Back With Confidence

Travel is on the cusp of a rebound, with family travel leading the way. Forty-three percent of parents are planning family hotel visits this...
Packing a suitcase for travel

Survey: 44 Percent of Americans Are Planning Overnight Vacation or Leisure Travel in 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new survey conducted by Morning Consult and commissioned by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) found that 44 percent...
Multigenerational travelers

Five Family Travel Trends of 2019

Family travel is a $160 billion industry. However, the number of parents intending to travel with children is down for the third year in...
Multigenerational travelers

Accommodating Multigenerational Travelers

As families grow and change, so do their vacations. Last year, research from online travel agent Agoda conducted by YouGov found that 35 percent...
Digital detox - phones on the beach

Digital Detox: Hotels and Travel Companies Give Guests Space To Unplug

As the world becomes more connected, so do travelers and their phones. A study from Deloitte found that Americans check their smartphones 52 times...