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Protect IT Investments in the Event of a Disaster

While the COVID-19 pandemic has made it a challenging year for the hospitality industry, hotels have made operational changes to help soften the blow,...
Emergency Response Plan

10 Steps From FEMA for Developing an Emergency Response Plan

FEMA offers the following 10 steps for businesses like hotels to develop an emergency response plan. Review hazard or threat scenarios. Review hazard or threat scenarios...
Closed Sign - Business-Interruption Insurance

Three Questions to Ask When Shopping for Insurance

At its most basic, business-interruption insurance helps companies replace the income they lose and pay the extra costs they incur when they have to...
Crisis preparedness and crisis management

Back in Business: Three Ways Preparedness Can Help Hotels Recover Quickly

In November 2017 at HX: The Hotel Experience, 
industry experts described how being prepared can help hoteliers recover as quickly 
and efficiently as possible....
Recovering from Disaster - Insurance Claims

Ensuring Hotel Insurance Claims Cover All the Bases

Destructive events are a given in the hotel 
business. After attending to the safety of guests and staff, a hotelier’s next priority should be...