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LODGING On Demand — Episode 30: Budgeting Trends and Best Practices

In this episode, LODGING editor George Seli speaks with Charlestown Hotels Chief Revenue Officer Johnathan Capps on trends and best practices in post-pandemic budgeting....

Budget Distributions: Investing in Teams and Technology

As the world enters 2022, many hotel ownership groups are directing marketing budgets to remain flat compared to 2021. With most media costs higher,...
CYBER HITEC Hotel Effectiveness

‘Throw Out the Old School’: Rethinking Labor Management at CYBER HITEC

“Labor is an investment and not an expense.” That was among the key themes of a virtual session led by Del Ross, chief revenue...
Budget season

Budget Season Is Here and the Gloves Are Off

For hotels, budget season is the main event of the year—a time when owners and operators battle it out in the ring over next...

Budgeting Accuracy: Why U.S. Lodging Performance Fell Short of 2017 Expectations

In 2017, the actual achieved levels of 
occupancy, average daily rate (ADR), total revenue, and profits for U.S. hotels were less than their respective...