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Voice technology

Just Ask: Voice Technology Makes Waves in Hospitality

While scientists have yet to introduce jetpacks, flying cars, 
and, of course, hoverboards to the general population, 
we are living in an amazing era...
Amazon Echo

Volara Parnters with Adcomm TV to Bring Voice-Activated Concierges into Guestrooms

Boca Raton, Fla.—Adcomm TV, a nationally authorized L&I and MDU dealer offering video, voice, and data services for hospitality and other markets, and Volara,...
Red Roof Amazon Alexa

Red Roof Connects with Travelers at Home Through Amazon Alexa

Columbus, OH–Red Roof is rolling out a new way for hoteliers to connect directly with consumers at home through Amazon’s Alexa Skills platform. A...
The Time Nyack - Alexa Dot - AI

Hotels Adopt AI with Caution

AI isn’t just a buzzword at Dream Hotel Group. It just may be the future of guest services. That ultimately depends on the outcome...