NYC Sees Highest Paid GMs of 4- and 5-Star Hotels

    A recent compensation review and analysis of more than 300 general managers of 4- and 5-star properties throughout the United States has resulted in AETHOS Consulting Group’s 2016 Hotel General Managers Compensation Study.

    According to AETHOS Managing Director David Mansbach, author of the study, “As we move through the next phase of the lodging cycle it will be critical for organizations to attract and retain high performing general managers; as such, real time and credible compensation information is a must- have to set competitive compensation programs.”

    The Survey highlights these notable findings:

    The general managers of New York City hotels are the highest paid in a major U.S. market with a median total cash compensation of $319,000. San Francisco general managers ranked #2 among the cities whose general managers responded.


    The median base salary for a hotel general manager in the United States is $178,000 and the median bonus is $40,000. In general, the median bonus payout for general managers around the country is approximately 22 percent of the base salary.

    There is correlation between the size of the hotel and general manager compensation. Findings illustrate a significant jump in the median cash compensation based on room count.

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