Lodging’s 2010 Innovators: Jordan Langlois, Vice President, Brand Management, & Roger Bloss, President & CEO, Vantage Hospitality Group Inc.

Every Wednesday, Roger Bloss and Jordan Langlois find themselves talking to both existing and potential Vantage Hospitality members across the country. For a company that prides itself on openness and transparency, Bloss and Langlois decided to take those concepts one step further and created what they call “The Spin.”

The Spin is a weekly unscripted webcast that is done live. The pair chat up existing and potential members who register and, quite simply, talk about the company and what it’s doing. For Bloss and Langlois, it’s a way to openly reach out to members using technology as a platform. And, as Bloss points out, it is an honest and open dialogue.

“We’ve always been an open company,” Bloss says. “This gets them face to face time with us. In the end, what it does is offer a much better connection between the company and the members.”


Bloss says that the idea started as a way to get a read of the pulse of customers. Because what customers need vary in different regions of the country, the company thought it would be a good way to communicate with various regions of the country at once to discover how the company can better service from region to region. “What we found is what is good for Las Vegas might not be good for customers in New York,” Bloss says.

Bloss and Langlois do the webcast every week regardless of their schedules. They are on the webcast together and when one can’t be due to schedule the other does. They choose webcast technology after considering podcasts, but Bloss says that podcast won’t work because they are live.

“We want to use all of the tools in the toolbox,” he says, “And be in constant contact with the membership.”

He says that the webcast is the same as receiving telephone calls from members, but in a more proactive way. “We don’t ever want to wait for calls,” he says. “I don’t think you ever want to be blindsided. By doing this, we know the mindset of the members and the customers.”

Bloss says the webcasts have become very poplar. “The response we get is incredible,” he says.

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