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Why Outsourced Laundry Is More Common in Europe

Whether a hotelier chooses an outsourced linen and uniform service or maintains an on-premises laundry (OPL), there is no disputing benefits that come with economies of scale. Massive wash capacity means that the cost...
Hotel Laundry

How Clean Are Your Hotel’s Bed Linens?

How clean are your hotel's bed linens? Whatever hotel management’s answer, there is typically scant evidence, if any, supporting their conclusion. Pointing out that a property has never had a problem with such hygiene...
Hotel Laundry

Five Considerations for Choosing Laundry Services

Hotel managers who consider shutting down on-premises laundries (OPLs) and consider outsourcing their laundry services might view these vendors as a commodity. Cost savings are often viewed as the primary advantage of such a...

Here’s How Linen Services Size Hotels Up

Linen services typically persuade hoteliers to outsource laundry purely on the basis of improving the use of real estate, encouraging hotels to convert the existing on-premises laundry (OPL) into functions that increase hotel revenue,...

Hotel Linens: What Do Guests Really Want?

When choosing a hotel, consumers prioritize other factors over sheets and linens, but they do notice them and have opinions about how they are laundered. A consumer survey commissioned by TRSA, the association for...