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Chelle Hartzer is Technical Services Manager for Orkin. She is a board-certified entomologist and provides technical support and guidance across all Rollins brands in the areas of operations, marketing and training. For more information, email mhartzer@rollins.com or visit www.orkincommercial.com.

How to Avoid Pests in Every Hotel Space

New featured amenities and extra offerings are becoming more of the standard for hospitality venues and hotels. Unfortunately, the “extras” can also mean more nuisances – like pests. Guests want to enjoy the various amenities...
Orkin Renovation

How to Manage Pests When Remodeling a Hotel

Remodeling can do wonders for a hotel's online ratings and guest satisfaction. But, before hoteliers invest time and money in new furniture, paint colors, and landscaping, they should add pest management to their renovation...