2011 Innovators: Ayelet Weinstein, CEO and President, B Hotels & Resorts

Ayelet Weinstein admits that when she started B Hotels & Resorts, the new boutique hotel brand that launched with its first hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., earlier this year, she was looking at a different concept. When the organizers of the brand came upon the letter “B” they not only found their name, but also their concept. “It’s more than just a letter,” Weinstein says. “It’s a word that is very prominent in everybody’s language.”

Since its launch B Hotels & Resorts has turned the letter into its signature. From “B Our Guest” to “B Wed,” the letter is a prominent part of the brand’s lexicon, as well as about guest experience.

The entrepreneur set out to create a class of hospitality, which she refers to as “self-expression hospitality.” “We are designed to be an expression of a guest’s personality,” she says. “While we play a lot with the language itself, we are sending a personal message, but in a different way, at the next level.”

The initial property has proven a success, becoming a hot spot for celebrities in the Miami area. But B Hotels & Resorts was never meant to be one single property and soon, the brand will launch its second property in South Beach. Others are on the way, Weinstein says, as the brand is close to announcing future properties, including properties outside of Florida.


The brand also uses a service structure similar to a cruise ship. “The service is really about approachability,” Weinstein says. “The service is designed to allow everyone to be themselves. It’s very stylish but not intimidating.”

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