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Relay launched a panic button feature for its enterprise model Relay+ device. (Photo courtesy of Relay)

Hotel Tech Providers Launch New Products and Partnerships

With recovery on the horizon and as hotels across ramp up their operations, hospitality technology providers are rolling out new and enhanced solutions, partnerships,...
Barbara Sharnak Relay

Relay’s Barbara Sharnak on Innovating Hospitality Communications

Barbara Sharnak is the senior director of brand and product marketing at Relay, the communications disruptor known for displacing traditional walkie-talkies. Relay is establishing...
Hotel guestroom door lock, security — employee safety, secure technologies, locking system

Three Technologies for Hotel Guest and Employee Safety

The U.S. hotel industry employs 8 million people and accommodates 5 million guests each day. On a daily basis, hospitality providers are faced with...

Making Sure Employees Can Communicate in a Crisis

Hotels promise to provide guests with a comfortable stay, and hotel employees are responsible for making that happen. However, like many other industries, hospitality...