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New York City hotels

NYC Hotels Record GOPPAR Decline for Third Straight Month

New York City hotels had a third consecutive month of GOPPAR decline in March—a figure that was off more than 27 percent YOY, according...

HotStats: U.S. Hotel TRevPAR Hits Record High, RevPAR Declines in March

U.S. hotel TRevPAR hit a record high in March 2019, propelled by a 6.8 percent year-on-year increase in non-rooms revenues, which offset a 0.6...
Forecast data growth

U.S. Lodging Outlook Good Through 2020, With Economic ‘Blip’ in 2021, Says CBRE

ATLANTA—A favorable economic outlook will lead to continued growth in U.S. hotel revenues and profits through 2020. However, an economic slowdown in 2021 will...