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Adam Glickman is the principal of Parallax Hospitality, a trusted partner in bringing memorable hospitality brand concepts to life. With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, he has a passion for creating premium, distinctive, and wellness-forward brand concepts and helping non-hospitality companies navigate the complexities of the hotel industry to form partnerships and grow. Adam’s experience includes leadership roles with some of the world’s most recognizable hotel brands, including InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott, Regent, HVS International, and Hilton Worldwide at the iconic and original Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan. During his time at IHG, Adam championed the brand creation and launch of EVEN Hotels, an award-winning wellness lifestyle brand that earned a top spot on Trip Advisor’s 2017 Best Hotels ranking. In 2016, Adam founded Parallax Hospitality to bring a fresh perspective and share his expertise and insight on brand creation, guest experience design, partnership development, marketing strategy, channel optimization, and operations, directly with hotels and the brands that want to partner with them.
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Hotel Brands: Why Some Will Flourish and Others Will Fade

Innovation, inventive, inspiring—all things that are “in” with new hotel brands. Or at least, that’s what brands want guests to believe. Are all new brands innovative? Is that even possible? What’s left to invent...