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Poor Performers: Why Some Hotels Are Not Rising With the Tide

Boats - rising with the tide
According to the March 2019 edition of CBRE's Hotel Horizons forecast report, the 2019 average annual occupancy level for U.S. hotels is projected to be 66.2 percent. This will mark the sixth consecutive year of occupancy levels above the 62.5 percent long-run average, and the fifth year above the pre-2014 historical high of 64.8 percent. Despite such healthy market conditions,...

CBRE Forecasts Gradual Slowdown in U.S. Hotel Performance

Slowdown - Global Travel Pricing
ATLANTA—The U.S. lodging supply will increase at an annual pace greater than the long-run average through 2022, according to CBRE Hotels Research’s latest report. Meanwhile, the annual rise in the demand for these new hotel rooms is projected to average roughly three-quarters of its respective long-run average. The result is declining occupancy forecasts for the U.S. lodging industry in...

HotStats: U.S. GOPPAR Slips for First Time in 2019

Decrease - GOPPAR - 2019
April was the first month of the year during which U.S. hotels reported a year-over-year (YOY) decline in profit per room, as a drop across all revenue centers was impacted by rising costs, according to the latest data tracking full-service hotels from HotStats. GOPPAR fell by 3.7 percent YOY to $118.51. Still, year-to-date profit per room remained positive at...

Asset Managers Mostly Concerned With Rising Labor Costs

Growing wages
The Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA) recently hosted its 2019 Spring Conference at the Marriott Marquis, Washington, D.C. from April 4-5. During the conference, HAMA highlighted the results of its Spring 2019 Outlook Survey. Below are five insights from the report. Labor Is a Top Concern When asked about their biggest concerns in regards to their portfolio's performance, 92 percent of...

Extended-Stay Hotels Remain Attractive To Hoteliers and Guests

Extended-Stay Hotel
Hoteliers are continuing to enjoy strong performance in the extended-stay segment. These hotels’ home-like amenities are responsible for their rising popularity among travelers, and a profitable operating model is fueling further development. Additionally, the longer lengths of stay make extended-stay properties particularly attractive for hoteliers, as this model defrays the labor costs associated with room turnover while buoying occupancy. Hoteliers’...