Study Explores Relationship Between Millennials, Hotel Loyalty Programs

    Though 86 percent of millennials are not enrolled in a hotel loyalty membership program, a new study by Software Advice, a hotel management software reviews website, suggests that the generation’s nuanced relationship with brand loyalty could be channeled into increased membership given the proper marketing strategies.

    Statistics show that millennials are enticed by hotel loyalty membership programs because of loyalty to a specific brand, easy-to-earn rewards, and a simple sign-up process. Additionally, the study found more than half of millennials use their rewards for a free or discounted stay.

    Technology also plays a big role in targeting millennials. A survey in the report showed that millennials prefer to receive reward notifications via email, and 29 percent of such customers said they find hotel loyalty mobile apps useful. Social media proved to be a divisive topic, however, as 27 percent of the millennials surveyed reported they would post on social media to earn points, while 27 percent also said they would not choose to earn points via social media.

    For more details, access the full study here.

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