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Wake Up

Homtime is a compact, guest-interactive alarm clock with Bluetooth technology, high-quality speakers, dual USB ports, dual power outlets, a dimmable LED display, crescendo wake-up...

Digital Concierge

Bridging guest connectivity with experience-based travel, Guest Impressions’ Conciergo virtual concierge becomes available to hotel guests as soon as they access a property’s Wi-Fi....

Quick Response

Whistle is a guest messaging platform for hotels that allows for real-time communication through SMS and mobile messaging. The platform improves service scores and...

Easy Privacy

Axxess Industries’ PrivacyService is comprised of an electronic “Do Not Disturb” touchpad that communicates to staff whether a guest wants privacy or needs housekeeping...
Como Audio Musica

Listen Up

Como Audio’s Musica allows guests to listen to music from all their streaming services, including Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music. The Musica has a...