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telecommunications costs

Inside IT: Trends In Hotel Information and Telecommunications Costs

Just as technology has become more ubiquitous throughout our lives, it is now impacting guest service and hotel operations throughout all departments in a...
Disaster, storm

Protect IT Investments in the Event of a Disaster

While the COVID-19 pandemic has made it a challenging year for the hospitality industry, hotels have made operational changes to help soften the blow,...
Technology, personal devices

The Benefits and Challenges of Hotel Employees Using Personal Devices on the Job

Gone are the days of employees switching on mammoth desktop computers at 9 a.m. and off at 5 p.m. Today’s workforce is increasingly composed...

HFTP Research Sheds Light on Hotels’ Pre-Opening Budgets and IT Timelines

AUSTIN, TEXAS—A newly released HFTP study—Pre-Opening Expenditures in Hospitality—investigates pre-opening budget timelines and procedures in the hospitality industry. Commissioned by Hospitality Financial and Technology...
Data storage

Protecting Hybrid IT Systems To Give Hotels an Edge

If there’s one constant in the lodging industry, it’s that changing technology trends impact the way hotels do business. Hotels need to keep up...