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Barbara Sharnak Relay

Relay’s Barbara Sharnak on Innovating Hospitality Communications

Barbara Sharnak is the senior director of brand and product marketing at Relay, the communications disruptor known for displacing traditional walkie-talkies. Relay is establishing...
Matt Campbell, My Place Hotels

My Place’s Matt Campbell on Weathering a Pandemic and Looking to the Future

In the most challenging year on record for the hotel industry, My Place Hotels broke ground on new development projects and opened new properties...
Enseo Vanessa Ogle

Enseo’s Vanessa Ogle on Adapting and Innovating in Hospitality

For the past two decades, Enseo, a technology services company that provides solutions for hospitality businesses and beyond, has focused on innovation to respond...
Steve Kuhn, a founding member and EVP of Sevan Multi-Site Solutions

Sevan’s Steve Kuhn on Helping Hotels Innovate and Adapt During COVID-19

As the extent of COVID-19’s impact on hotel businesses came into focus, Sevan Multi-Site Solutions jumped into action, expanding its existing design, program management,...