Vantage Hotels Unveils Rewards Program

CLEVELAND—As the Vantage Hotels family continues to grow with over 1,000 locations worldwide, the company has launched Vantage Rewards, a free, instant rewards program that is accepted across all of Vantage’s brands.

Vantage Rewards unifies all of Vantage’s brands with a program that meets travelers’ needs by combining meaningful value with instant rewards that add to the overall experience. The program further enhances the growth and positioning of the new Vantage Family of Brands marketing platform, allowing for:

A universal message for all brands, providing a stronger value proposition for marketing messaging, including Vantage’s book direct campaign; The ability to expand marketing reach, generating more impressions through greater cost efficiencies; and a marketing message that appeals to a larger consumer base, which means more brand exposure and revenue potential.


Vantage Rewards builds on the success of Americas and Canadas Best Value Inn’s Value Club, which, for 15 years, delivered immediate benefits. The Value Club has been expanded into Vantage Rewards, as existing Value Club members have been automatically enrolled in Vantage Rewards and account numbers remain the same.

“Both the Value Club and Lexington Rewards (Lexington’s points-based loyalty program, which will continue to be honored at Lexington hotels and inns) have been very effective in building loyalty and repeat stays for our hotels, but they were limited to specific Vantage brands. Now that Vantage has expanded to a full family of brands, from economy to upscale, we are excited to introduce an enhanced rewards program that will be honored at all Vantage Hotels,” said Vantage Hotels Marketing Director Peter Frantz.

Vantage Rewards offers members immediate benefits at every Vantage hotel in North America.