Tips for Upgrading Your WLAN

The hospitality industry is a competitive one with thousands of choices that need to be made nearly every day. From what thread-count sheets to purchase to how big the kiosk monitor should be, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details and sometimes miss the bigger picture. A crucial choice that every hotel needs to make is regarding its Wi-Fi network. While wireless access has been treated as a network of convenience, today’s guests are very demanding, bringing an average of two and a half mobile devices with them during their visit. Wi-Fi experience can be correlated to better guest experiences and higher returns.

Leveraging the WLAN Asset
Hotels can use WLAN to solve many communications challenges they encounter on a daily basis—from delivering guest access everywhere in the hotel, to using staff communications to improve productivity and responsiveness.

Hotels need an infrastructure that can adapt and address challenges to meet customer expectations and improve the guest experience, while providing a highly mobile and flexible environment. As a result, a growing number of hotels are relying on WLAN to provide staff communications and 24/7 connectivity for guests and staff.


With a strong WLAN environment, employees are able to communicate with one another and interact with customers in real-time to provide a personalized customer experience. Guest requests and needs will be met in a timelier manner, and hotels are also able to collect data and learn about their guests’ preferences when choosing a hotel.