Three Tips for Hoteliers When Developing Local Talent

Saira Hospitality

Harsha Chanrai, founder and CEO of Saira Hospitality, offers the following advice for hoteliers looking to develop local talent.

Look for soft skills.

“Focus on finding people with emotional and cultural intelligence, rather than hotel work experience,” Chanrai explains. “This way, you hire employees who will genuinely succeed in a service culture.”

Learn where your employees excel.

“You have to learn about your employees and where their interests lie, so, when you’re giving them assignments, you know they will succeed in that position,” Chanrai says.


Train with the best.

“We bring in experts from so many different fields—front desk, food and beverage, management, and ownership,” Chanrai explains. “Having these people interacting with our students and sharing their own stories ensures they know what’s expected of them and inspires them for their own career paths.”


Photo: Courtesy of Saira Hospitality. Read more about the organization here.