The Narrative Importance of Hotel Uniforms

Crowne Plaza Uniform

First impressions matter. A hotel only has one chance to make its initial imprint on a guest, and research shows that it takes just one-tenth of a second for that imprint to register. That’s why every single detail needs to be taken into consideration when cultivating the perfect guest experience.

When it comes to first impressions, uniforms have more of an impact than hoteliers might think. If staff members feel confident and well put-together, they are more likely to register positively with the guests they interact with. That’s why many hotel brands are putting more thought than ever before into uniform design. Just one example is Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts. Recently, the IHG brand partnered with renowned designer Timo Weiland to create the “Momentum Collection,” a line of uniforms specifically designed by the Timo team for the Crowne Plaza brand.

The collection features a range of fresh and contemporary ensembles. “They were designed to stand out among traditional uniforms,” explains Timo Weiland, co-founder of the Timo Weiland label. “Collaborating with Crowne Plaza has been really exciting for my team, and it has been a great experience to work alongside a company that is just as passionate as we are. There were so many synergies between the two brands,” he adds.


The two companies designed the uniforms with the guest experience in mind. “It only takes 10 seconds for guests to pass judgment on a hotel lobby,” says Eric Lent, vice president of Americas Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts. “An eye-catching uniform is just one detail when delivering a strong first impression and creating an overall positive guest experience.”

Timo Weiland also spent ample time considering the comfort of the hotel staff. The designers wanted to create a line that maximizes both comfort and style. “The line seeks to channel the inner confidence of each individual employee,” says Weiland. “As a brand, we believe that you perform better at your job when you feel better about your appearance.”

Noting that Crowne Plaza’s innovative uniforms are part of a trend across industries for brands to become more culturally relevant, modern, and up-to-date, Lent says, “Great brands work hard to understand what the passion points are for their target audiences, and Crowne Plaza is using fashion as a platform to revitalize its brand’s image.”

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