Technology Designed with Hospitality in Mind

It’s a new era in guest entertainment. Guests want better entertainment and they want it now. But as a hotel operator, you have limitations: Space, technology, and more make it difficult to provide a personalized guest entertainment experience with the technology available to you. That’s why we’re proud to offer EVOLVE® from DISH Business: Now you can provide the experience your guests expect and deserve with the nationwide support of DISH Business to guarantee minimal disturbance to you and your staff.

The popularity of entertainment on demand has never been higher, but providing that entertainment can be costly and stressful on your business and your staff. That’s why EVOLVE was designed specifically to make the lives of hospitality professionals easier. For starters, EVOLVE works with any hotel network or HD TV through QAM and IP video inputs to give your guests a smart, HD TV experience on whatever TVs you’ve got. No need to invest in expensive commercial grade TVs for every room, infrastructure upgrades or custom platforms.

Guests want to be able to access all the same entertainment they watch at home on your in-room TVs. That means live TV, Netflix, music apps, games, and more. However, not all hotels can afford to build their own casting solution in order to provide this experience to their guests.  DISH Business designed EVOLVE to alleviate this pain point. EVOLVE allows guests to access their favorite apps and cast movies, music, shows, and more from any device to in-room TVs so they can pick up right where they left off – all at an affordable price point!

As a nationwide provider, DISH Business also makes it easy to maintain a consistent guest experience across your portfolio of properties.  No more dealing with multiple providers for your portfolio of properties.  Plus, EVOLVE operates on a flexible, open platform which means you can integrate your own custom apps to shape your guests’ experience. Offer features like checkout assistance, room service, spa appointment booking, and more all through one convenient easy to use platform. And, you can easily incorporate custom hotel branding and integrate in-room TVs with your property management system. To deliver an enhanced level of personalization, making your guests feel at home from arrival to checkout.


It’s time you meet the entertainment needs and expectations of today’s guests. EVOLVE® from DISH offers a future-proofed, affordable way to keep your guests entertained without exceeding your existing infrastructure.

See how DISH Business can provide a rave-worthy guest entertainment experience at a price you’ll love! Visit to learn more.


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