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Female Business Traveler Boom

Phyllis Stoller, owner of the Women’s Travel Group in New York City, is happy that more hotels are ditching cliché Girlfriend Getaways and instead...

Liberty Hotel Builds Brand With Local Events

Rachel Moniz first set foot in the Liberty Hotel in early 2008 as a guest, soon after the Beacon Hill property had opened. Carpenter and...

Hotels Elevate Guest Experience With Resort Amenities

Unlike hotels, which often see guests check in and check out in less than 24 hours, resorts are tasked with creating a positive guest...

Hotels Courting Gay Wedding Business

Last month, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA),—which denied federal benefits to legally-married, same-sex couples—and declared it unconstitutional. And...

Hotel Marketing Techniques to Reach New Demographics

As emerging economies continue to expand and grow, hotels are turning to new traveler demographics for expanded revenue streams.