Study Shows Room Service Not Used by Most Travelers

    CHICAGO—More than 75 percent of travelers said they rarely or never use hotel room service according to a survey conducted by The GO Group, an international ground transportation service provider.

    More than 600 people responded to the survey, which asked travelers how often they use hotel room service; answers were the same regardless of whether the respondents were traveling for business or leisure.

    The survey was conducted in response to recent news stories about hotels eliminating or reducing room service and offering alternatives such as on-site pantry stores instead.

    Forty percent of the survey participants said they rarely use hotel room service and 37 percent said they never do. Some 18 percent said they sometimes order food from the hotel, while three percent responded “frequently” and two percent replied “always.”


    “Twenty three percent of travelers still use hotel room service, which is a significant number overall,” says John McCarthy, president, GO Airport Express. “Hotels would be well advised to offer both room service and on-site food stores to meet the needs of all guests.”

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