Ritz-Carlton Opens in Almaty

ALMATY, Kazakhstan—The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has opened its first hotel in Kazakhstan with a new luxury property in Almaty. The debut was made possible through a partnership with international real estate developer Capital Partners.

The 145-room hotel sits atop the 37 story Esentai Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Central Asia. With Club and Suite accommodations and more than 10,000 square feet of meeting facilities, it is part of the Capital Partners’ Esentai Park development, which also includes an extensive shopping mall and residential complexes.

“We are delighted to bring The Ritz-Carlton brand to Kazakhstan. Almaty is a key gateway city for our customers and this hotel complements the portfolio of Ritz-Carlton properties around the globe beautifully,” Herve Humler, president and chief operating officer of The Ritz-Carlton said. “Almaty is a dynamic city attracting visitors from all over the world and we are excited to be here.”


“Capital Partners invests in and develops projects around the world, but our roots are firmly in Almaty and our continuing investment here demonstrates our commitment and belief in the strength of the real estate market in this great city,” said Burak Oymen, co-founder of Capital Partners. “This opening of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Almaty is yet another milestone in the history of our firm in providing the city of Almaty with world class infrastructure.”

Almaty, formerly the capital city of Kazakhstan, is the Republic’s largest city and an important cultural and commercial center. Located between the Bolshaya and Malaya rivers, Almaty was formerly one of the transit stations on the Silk Road and is now a vibrant business destination.