Red Roof Supports Industry’s Campaign Against Booking Scams

COLUMBUS, Ohio—In support of the industry-wide Search Smarter campaign to educate travelers on the dangers of fake booking websites, Red Roof has announced its Type Don’t Click campaign for safe, authentic booking.

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), every 60 seconds, Americans make 500 hotel bookings online and the number of consumers who have fallen victim to online booking scams is increasing. In fact, over the past two years, booking scams have increased by more than 250 percent. Fraudulent booking websites are duping travelers to the tune of 55 million bogus bookings per year totaling almost $4 billion.

To combat this, the AHLA created the Search Smarter campaign, encouraging travelers to book directly, check the URL and website address to ensure it’s not a third-party vendor, and sign up for loyalty programs to save money and receive exclusive perks. Red Roof’s own campaign, Type Don’t Click, supports the industry-wide initiative to protect consumers from booking scams by urging travelers to type directly into their browsers to assure it’s the authentic site.


Clicking through search engines and third-party websites exposes consumers to the dangers of illegitimate booking websites. By typing directly into their browsers, travelers can avoid booking scams, lost reservations, additional fees, and ruined vacations while guaranteeing that they receive the room and rate they reserved. Booking directly gives travelers the peace of mind that their reservation is safe and the confidence that they are interacting with the real Red Roof. On top of safety, booking direct gives consumers access to the company’s loyalty rewards program.

Red Roof Type Don't Click in Support of Search Smarter