NoMad Hotel NYC Achieves LEED Gold Status

NEW YORK—One of New York’s most notable new comers, The NoMad Hotel, gained a LEED Gold status, making it one of the city’s three hotel properties with top LEED credentials.

The NoMad, which was created by The Sydell Group, opened late Spring 2012 following a meticulous renovation of the landmark Johnson building on the corner of 28th and Broadway. The building most recently housed offices before being converted to The NoMad Hotel. Stonehill and Taylor was in charge of the architecture and historic preservation.

“We held The NoMad at the highest standard for the environment and the comfort of the luxury guest,” said Paul Taylor, president of Stonehill and Taylor. “It is our mission to continue to lead in the creation of sustainable luxury destinations.”


The hotel’s standout green features that counted toward the awarding of LEED Gold were: Occupancy sensors for lighting and HVAC in hotel rooms to reduce energy when rooms are unoccupied; Sustainable reuse of the existing building’s exterior walls and floors; Reclaimed wood flooring in the guestrooms; High efficiency windows and HVAC equipment; Water loop heat pumps that condition the rooms; Dual-flush toilets in guest bathrooms; A green roof and outdoor space that contribute to a high ratio of open space to development footprint; and implementation of a green operations and maintenance plan to reduce toxins and chemicals introduced into the building after completion.

Stonehill & Taylor has designed the highest number of LEED certified hotels in New York and the city’s first LEED Gold hotel with the Crosby Street Hotel, while currently targeting LEED in five ongoing projects. The firm is also responsible for the most recent renovation of Hyatt Regency Minneapolis using locally-made goods from in North America.