New Residence Inn Prototype

Residence Inn’s new look guestroom arrives with some useful upgrades for extended-stay guests. According to Diane Mayer, vice president and global brand manager, the new rooms are more adaptable between work and leisure needs and they offer more space than previous designs. “Overall we really wanted to make the new guestroom feel upscale, contemporary, and more in line with design trends that appeal to a younger generation of travelers,” she says. Highlights of the new prototype include an expanded bathroom, reconfigured kitchen space, and functional furnishings that allow guests to really spread their stuff out and make themselves at home.

Expanded Seating
The sectional sofa is space efficient and can transform to meet each guest’s needs. “The hallmark of comfortable seating is that you can put your feet up.”

Dine and Dash
The new dining bar in the kitchen replaces the traditional table of previous generations. “The idea was borrowed from residential design,” Mayer says. “It allows for more of a casual dining style.”

More Elbow Room
“We found that the ideal width for a desk is your wingspan, so we made the new desk twice as large as previous ones and repositioned it to face natural light.”


Bath House
“Our top priority was to have a better bath experience. The bathroom is now wider and longer, with a 6-foot shower. It’s our showstopper.”

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