Hotel Pet Sitting Network Launches in 12 U.S. Cities

Pet sitting in hotels

April 11 marks National Pet Day in the United States. While many hotels have rolled out pet-friendly amenities and accommodations, making it easier for guests to bring their furry friends along while traveling, finding a pet sitting service while in a new destination remains a challenge.

To address this need, HotelPAWZ recently launched a national hotel pet sitting service network that connects pet owners traveling with their pets and professional hotel pet sitters. HotelPAWZ launched in 12 cities nationwide and expects to add more destinations in the coming months.

“Over 60 percent of hotels and alternative lodging accommodations nationwide are pet-friendly. However, travelers with pets are prohibited from leaving their pets unattended in their rooms, which makes it difficult for the pet owner,” stated DJ Vallauri, founder and CEO. “HotelPAWZ aims to solve the problem by connecting pet owners and professional in hotel room pet sitters.”


While other pet walking networks, such as WAG! or Rover, work with thousands of pet sitters, HotelPAWZ selects a handful of professional hotel pet sitters in each city. Each HotelPAWZ pet sitter is vetted by the company’s in-house dog trainer and undergoes a criminal background check before they can be included in the HotelPAWZ network.

“Our goal is to enable pet owners traveling with pets to simply book online, via mobile or desktop, as they would any other travel service, such as Expedia. Pet owners pay for their reservation online and HotelPAWZ matches them up with the available hotel pet sitter in our network,” added Vallauri.

So far, HotelPAWZ is available in the following cities: New York City, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Virginia Beach, Ocean City, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh.

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