Myanmar Hotels Step Up Security

    Last year, tourist arrivals to Myanmar hit 1.5 million and generated $500 million dollars for the country’s economy. And as sweeping changes continue to make tourism more accessible, hotels and guest houses are confronted with challenges to keep guests safe.

    According to this report from the Global Times, security measures will be stepped up at the nearly 900 hotels, motels, and guest houses in the country following a recent series of bomb blasts that killed two people and and injured one foreign visitor.

    Local news reports explain that all hotels will install CCTV cameras to monitor guest activity, and that the cameras will be installed in time for the Southeast Asian Games—an event that brings plenty of international visitors to the country.


    According to Channel News Asia, authorities are briefing 250 representatives from various hotels on what to look for when conducting security checks on their premises during the games.

    Kyi Kyi May, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism’s Yangon region manager, told Channel News Asia: “When the SEA Games participants come to stay in Myanmar, they will… have no worries about their safety.”

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