TechnologyMonitoring Energy Use Through Data Analysis

Monitoring Energy Use Through Data Analysis

Instead of hiring an engineering team to monitor energy use, many hoteliers are turning to a cheaper, simpler way to track where they’re efficient–and where they could use a bit of work: Data analysis programs. Data analysis allows hoteliers to process advanced regression modeling and big data to find where there is most opportunity to go green and save money in their portfolios.

“Now that we can get so much data coming out of ongoing utility use and cost coming out of the hotels, we can really begin to prioritize across a portfolio of a lot of different types of hotels. Even if they’re the same type of hotel, each location has different commodity costs, operations, guests, and equipment onsite,” says Zack Moore, senior vice president of client solutions and co-founder of Sol Vista, an environmental consultant agency. “You’re able to really cross-cut the data from benchmark properties against each other and say, ‘Here’s where the most opportunity is for dollar savings, not just use savings.'”

Moore says as the technology’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down, predicting it will only grow over the next five years. While the goal is to pare down on expenses wherever possible, the results can be quantified and used for marketing purposes, enticing guests with the promise of a clean, green hotel stay.

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