TechnologyMDO Releases Profit Management Report for Hoteliers

MDO Releases Profit Management Report for Hoteliers

BETHESDA, Maryland—MDO, in collaboration with Stayntouch and Revenue Analytics, has released “The Hotel Profit Playbook: Data-Driven Strategies to Move Beyond Rooms Revenue,” a report aimed at changing how hoteliers approach profit management. The Hotel Profit Playbook introduces the concept of Total Profit Optimization, defined as the act of broadening operational strategies to include a focus on all revenue-generating areas in a hotel and then measuring the flow-through of each of those outlets to determine profitability.

In recent years, hotel owners and operators have shifted from top-line data collection and analysis to make decisions around driving bottom-line margins. Understanding labor and amenity costs, analyzing non-room revenue trends, and centralizing data from all revenue sources are giving hospitality leadership the data to make more profitable decisions.

Insights from the profit management report include:

  • Implementing a holistic revenue analysis
  • Applying revenue management principles to ancillary outlets like F&B and spa services
  • How TrevPAR could reshape hospitality thinking
  • Understanding and measuring profit margins at each outlet across a property
  • Centralizing data to empower hoteliers to make more profitable decisions