Marriott President and CEO Arne Sorenson Diagnosed With Cancer

"I intend to continue working at the company I love," Sorenson said in a statement.

Arne Sorenson - Elliott O'Donovan Photography
Elliott O'Donovan Photography

Marriott International, Inc. announced in a statement that the company’s President and CEO Arne Sorenson was diagnosed on Wednesday, May 1, with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. Sorenson, 60, received the diagnosis from a medical team at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore after a series of tests. Sorenson will remain in his role while undergoing treatment.

In a message to Marriott International associates, Sorenson noted: “The cancer was discovered early. It does not appear to have spread and the medical team–and I–are confident that we can realistically aim for a complete cure. In the meantime, I intend to continue working at the company I love. Let me make one request, look ahead with me. We have great work underway at Marriott. I am as excited by what we can accomplish together as I have ever been.”

Sorenson’s treatment plan will begin next week with chemotherapy. His doctors anticipate surgery near year-end 2019, according to the company’s statement.

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