How to Choose Outdoor Furniture That’s Built to Last

Function, design, and durability are typically among the top considerations when choosing hotel furnishings. However, other factors can come into play when choosing furniture for your outdoor spaces. Gerald Shvartsman, CEO of Source Outdoor, offers these tips for hoteliers looking to update furnishings that will be exposed to the elements.

Understand your materials. “Some materials are better suited than others for outdoor use. Aluminum is great as a base material because it’s light, it doesn’t rust, and it can be refinished. When picking a fabric, look for either solution-dyed acrylic or solution-dyed polyester, both of which won’t fade for a very long time and are bleachable.”

Prepare for the most destructive element—people. “Someone’s going to leave cigarette burns, someone else may spill some wine, and a bored kid may hack at something with a knife when he’s bored. Damage caused by people will affect the life span of your furniture, and that’s just a part of life.”


Make an investment. “A lot of people believe that the less-expensive pieces will be better in the long run because, ultimately, the furniture will need to be replaced. This is not true, because if you invest in high-quality materials, yes, they will have to be replaced, but they will last significantly longer than the cheaper alternatives.”

Maintenance is just as important as the initial purchase. “Because wear and tear on outdoor furniture is exceedingly high, having pieces that can be easily maintained or updated is the key to lengthening their life span. When you’re considering patio furniture, keep in mind maintenance. Make sure that you can replace broken pieces or damaged fabric easily, and purchase from a company that factors maintenance into its furniture development processes.”