How Hotels in Super Bowl Host Cities Performed Over the Past Decade

In December, STR forecasted that average daily rate (ADR) in the Miami/Hialeah market would reach record levels this Super Bowl weekend, with ADR projected to fall between $520-540 for Friday, January 31, through Sunday, February 2. Below is a look at occupancy, ADR, and revenue per available room (RevPAR) for hotels in Super Bowl host cities over the past decade, according to STR data.

10Dallas (2011)

Dalllas, Texas

With occupancy at 77.2 percent and ADR at $207.38, Dallas hotels had RevPAR of $160.02 during the 2011 Super Bowl.

9Indianapolis (2012)

Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis

Occupancy rose to 93.8 percent for Indianapolis hotels during the 2012 Super Bowl held at Lucas Oil Stadium, boosting ADR to $301.76 and RevPAR to $283.13.

8New Orleans (2013)

New Orleans recorded the steepest decline in RevPAR during the week of March 22-28.

NOLA hotels posted occupancy of 96.5 percent during Super Bowl weekend in 2013. ADR rose to $393.04 and RevPAR jumped to $379.10.

7New York (2014)

Metlife Stadium in Rutherford, N.J.
Metlife Stadium in Rutherford, N.J.

Hotels in the New York market hosted guests for the 2014 Super Bowl held at Metlife Stadium in Rutherford, N.J., boosting occupancy to 72.6 percent, ADR to $337.67, and RevPAR to $245.28.

6Phoenix (2015)

Phoenix hotels

During Super Bowl weekend in 2015, Phoenix hotels reported occupancy at 95.2 percent, ADR at $360.84, and RevPAR at $343.46.

5San Francisco/San Jose (2016)

San Francisco

Super Bowl host city San Francisco saw occupancy of 77.1 percent in 2016 for the entire San Francisco/San Jose market. ADR hit $402.60 and RevPAR was $310.31.

4Houston (2017)

Houston hotels

The Super Bowl returned to Texas in 2017, this time bringing occupancy to 84.2 percent in Houston while increasing ADR to $278.03 and RevPAR to $233.98.

3Minneapolis/St. Paul (2018)

Minneapolis - St. Paul - Twin Cities

With occupancy at 92.5 percent in Minneapolis/St. Paul over 2018’s Super Bowl weekend, hotels posted ADR of $354.41 and RevPAR of $327.70.

2Atlanta (2019)

Atlanta - hotel pipelines

Hotels in last year’s Super Bowl host city of Atlanta posted occupancy at 75.7 percent, ADR at $313.40, and RevPAR of $237.34.

1Miami/Hialeah (2020)

Aerial drone image of Miami Beach
Aerial drone image of Miami Beach

This Super Bowl weekend, the Miami’Hialeah market is expected to have occupancy between 91 and 94 percent, ADR between a record $520 and $540, and RevPAR between $473 and $508, according to forecasted figures from STR.



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