TechnologyHilton Introduces Digital Key at 1,000th Hotel

Hilton Introduces Digital Key at 1,000th Hotel

MCLEAN, Va.—Less than two years after launching an app functionality that gives Hilton Honors guests the ability to choose their room before arriving at a hotel and enter their room using the Hilton Honors app as a key, Hilton is scaling at a breakneck pace. Now the company has officially introduced the Digital Key technology at their 1,000th hotel—Hampton Inn Manhattan Grand Central in New York City.

Since its launch in 2015, Hilton Honors members have opened more than 6.4 million doors using Digital Key. Among them is Alan Corcoran, a Hilton Honors Lifetime Diamond member, technology consultant and occasional guest pianist at the Palmer House in Chicago. He joins a growing list of guests who’ve single-handedly opened more than 500 doors with Digital Key since launch. “When you stay at hotels as frequently as I do, personalized technology like Digital Key helps you feel more at home,” he said. “As a previous guest of the Hampton Inn Manhattan Grand Central, I know this technology will help other travelers like me have a smooth and streamlined experience.”

And that’s why reaching 1,000 hotels—and plans to reach 2,500 by the end of this year including debuts in the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, and New Zealand—is so significant. For guests like Alan, they soon can count on a consistent technology experience with Hilton regardless of where they travel. And the time saved makes a difference, giving Hilton Honors members extra moments to speak with loved ones back home, prepare for the big business meeting or plan the local excursion with the hotel concierge.

The Hilton Honors app is designed to be guests’ remote control for their stay at Hilton. From their smartphone, guests can check in, select their room and choose when to arrive. Digital Key can also be used to access the fitness center, pool and other hotel areas that traditionally require a key.

“Simplicity and consistency in experience is paramount for us. Digital Key is just one way we’re delivering that – from Anchorage to Yonkers, you can count on Digital Key supporting your adventure,” said Geraldine Calpin, chief marketing officer at Hilton.

By New Year’s Eve, Hilton will toast to 2,500 hotels live due to advanced deployment technology and lessons learned in countless installations.

“At the beginning of rollout, we could bring Digital Key to 100 properties in six months,” said Joshua Sloser, senior vice president of Digital at Hilton. “Today, we are able to bring 100 properties live in an average of 24 days. Our Team Members appreciate how this technology can personalize the guest experience and they love being part of something that is progressive and game changing.”

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