Industry NewsGlobal Hotel Alliance Launches Green Collection

Global Hotel Alliance Launches Green Collection

DUBAI—UAE-based Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) has launched its Green Collection, bringing under one umbrella nearly 200 hotels, resorts, and palaces operated by GHA hotel brands that are demonstrating their commitment to protecting people and the planet.

Every Green Collection property has attained at least one certification from a globally recognized environmental organization, with EarthCheck, Green Growth 2050, Green Key, and Green Globe among the 15 certification bodies represented, each requiring hotels to meet international standards for sustainability initiatives and performance with regular third-party audits conducted to retain certification.

Achieving certification demonstrates a hotel’s pledge to upholding these standards, with each Green Collection property being a pioneer of practices that preserve the natural environment and benefit local communities.

“Across GHA’s 800 properties from 40 brands, located in 100 countries around the globe, there are some world-class examples of practices and initiatives with a positive environmental and social impact, and we are incredibly proud of these efforts, which we celebrate with the launch of Green Collection,” said GHA CEO Chris Hartley. “It also helps travelers, including the 24 million members of our GHA DISCOVERY loyalty program, to make more informed travel decisions based on their values and priorities, which today include hotel sustainability credentials and treading as lightly as possible in the destinations they visit.”

“By launching Green Collection, we are reiterating our alignment to the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), which guide the development of the hospitality industry for a more sustainable future,” Hartley added.

With 69 percent of travelers seeking sustainable travel options in 2023, according to a recent World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) report, Green Collection meets this accelerating demand, empowering the 24 million members of the GHA DISCOVERY loyalty program to make responsible travel choices. In 2022, members demonstrated their preference for Green Collection hotels, which contributed to 32 percent in stays, 39 percent in nights, 47 percent in room revenue, and 49 percent in total revenue.

Green Collection accounts for almost one-quarter (24 percent) of the GHA DISCOVERY portfolio and represents half of its brands, including Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, Avani Hotels & Resorts, Capella Hotels & Resorts, Corinthia Hotels, Elewana Collection, GLO Hotels, JA Resorts & Hotels, Kempinski Hotels, Marco Polo Hotels, NH Hotels, NH Collection, nhow, Niccolo Hotels, Oaks Hotels Resorts & Suites, Pan Pacific Hotels & Resorts, Patina Hotels & Resorts, PARKROYAL COLLECTION, PARKROYAL, Sukhothai Hotels & Resorts, Outrigger Resorts & Hotels, and The Set Collection.

From city hotels to beach resorts, the collection is geographically diverse and is present in 44 countries and 112 destinations, spanning every region. In the Middle East and North Africa, Green Collection properties account for half of the GHA DISCOVERY’s portfolio, while in Africa and Asia, they account for 37 percent and 36 percent, respectively.

Countries with the highest density of Green Collection hotels are the Netherlands with 31 properties (97 percent of GHA hotels in that country); Thailand with 16 hotels (52 percent); the UAE with 15 hotels (52 percent); China with 13 hotels (31 percent); Kenya with 10 hotels (77 percent); and Belgium and Argentina with 7 hotels (54 percent and 50 percent, respectively).

Many GHA brands have achieved certification for every property in their portfolio or are well on their way to attaining this goal, with examples including Elewana Collection, GLO Hotels, JA Resorts & Hotels, Kempinski Hotels, Capella Hotels & Resorts, and Outrigger Resorts.

Properties in the Green Collection are taking action in line with Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) guidelines, which encompass the implementation of sustainable planning; maximizing social and economic benefits for local communities; enhancing the cultural heritage of destinations where they operate; and reducing negative environmental impact.

To celebrate the launch of the Green Collection, GHA DISCOVERY is giving back to the causes important to members and its hotel brands.

“Social awareness and environmental sustainability are core values that GHA has embraced since its inception. Our overarching philosophy is to treat people and the planet with the utmost respect, creating a more resilient, equal, and sustainable global ecosystem, and the efforts of our Green Collection properties are a testament to this,” said Hartley.

“We are committed to ensuring GHA remains a favorite global brand in hospitality, not only trusted for the high-quality products and services we offer to our hotel brands and GHA DISCOVERY members but the responsible approach we take to delivering them. The launch of Green Collection and our donation contribution are the first of many philanthropic elements we have planned in 2023, aligned to what customers and stakeholders now value most”, he concluded.