Forward Thinking: Three Hospitality Leaders on Preparing Companies for the Future

At the 2019 AAHOA Conference, three hospitality leaders shared how they are preparing their companies for the future.

1“I want to make a better tomorrow.”

“I want to make better tomorrow… I’m just grateful for what I have and I want to make life better for not just for myself… but for my team. If I can change someone’s life, that’s fulfilling my dream.”

Mehul Patel
Chairman & CEO

2“Storms are going to come and … go.”

“Storms are going to come and they’re going to go. 2001 was a vicious storm. 2009 was even worse. So you’re in a hurricane zone and the storm is going to come. So do you want a strong house? Or a brick house? In our company, we have a philosophy that we’re going to have the best brick house in the country.”

Mitch Patel
President & CEO
Vision Hospitality Group

3“Read about innovation and technology.”

“In addition to reading about capital markets and the economy and politics, I also take the time to read about innovation and technology everyday, and a little bit around lifestyle and popular culture… I think that [reading articles like this] gets everybody thinking outside of the box. We have to stay so nimble because the cadence of change is so fast, and I think keeping abreast of broad topics is helpful.”

Jay Shah
Hersha Hospitality Trust


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Kate Hughes, Editor, LODGING Magazine