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For Members Only

Certain privileges come with being an AH&LA member, like getting access to our members-only website. We house tons of vital industry data, legislative resources, and informative publications to help you run a more efficient, profitable business.

The resources available in the members-only section of www.ahla.com include:

-ADA materials on the new regulations | The compliance deadline for most new requirements is March 2012, and these resources will help make sure you’re prepared.

-The new publication exposing the true cost of third party intermediaries |
This insight will help you plan your sales channels more effectively based on long-term ROI.

-Free webinar archive |
From ADA to PCI compliance, access a range of previously recorded, free webinars led by industry experts.

-Updates on industry scams | See what crooks have been trying to pull on other properties so you can prevent it from happening to you.

-A report on the spending power of the top five multicultural markets | This new study sheds light on new markets that may end up being your most lucrative customers.

All you need is your user ID and password. Visit www.ahla.com and click on the ‘member login’ link at the top of the page. If you need assistance, contact Member Services at (800) 252-2462 or membership@ahla.com.