Food and Beverage Concept

The overall theme or impression that a restaurant, bar, or lounge is intended to convey. A well-designed F&B concept is reinforced by the architecture, the furniture and decorations, the menu items, and by the staff. As such, concepts are more than just cookie cutter approaches to hotel F&B, they are identity reinforcing features. “Hotel brands are now considering F&B concepts at the earliest stages of development,” says restaurant, retail, and foodservice consultant Arlene Spiegel. “No longer
is F&B an afterthought whereby architects reserve space for a restaurant and figure it out later in the design process. The restaurateur is now brought to the table from ideation to execution. This collaboration creates a mutually beneficial partnership where it’s in everyone’s interest to do the right thing.” Speigel points to this relationship as what governs the menu, services, style, marketing and branding decisions for the life of the operations.