Experts Name the Tech that Will Impact Hospitality Most

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Experts describe to LODGING what technology will most impact hospitality in the next five years. Read what they have to say below:

Tessa Lau



Tessa Lau, CTO and chief robot whisperer at Savioke: “Robotics of course! One of the challenges in the hospitality industry is consistency. Hotels want to provide the same experience for the same guests over and over again, and people aren’t very good at consistency. Robots enable hotels to create much more consistent standards.”



Fred Reeder

Fred Reeder, president at Nomadix: “We’re keeping an eye on the change in technology interface. First it was a keyboard, then a mouse, then touch screens, and now it’s voice. We’re all being conditioned to use voice in our cars and in our homes. There are a lot of vendors and suppliers working to bring that voice interface to hotels.”



Fred Crespo

Fred Crespo, director of technology and business development at Samsung Electronics: “The confluence of improved visual display technology, the adoption of casting or streaming technology, and the automation of energy management is going to create the hotel of the future. All of these together improve the customer experience and really bring a residential feel to hotel guestrooms.”