Data on African Americans and Airbnb

    MMGY Global has released data on African American travelers, which shows a decrease in the use of share economy accommodations, specifically Airbnb.

    African Americans were significantly less likely to use share economy accommodations over the last 12 months:

    From 2015 to 2016, there was a 3-point decrease in the use of share economy accommodations on vacation during the past 12 months. It was 17 percent in 2015 and 14 percent in 2016.

    Airbnb saw a 4-point decrease in use amongst African American travelers from 15 percent to 11 percent.


    Only 14 percent of African Americans have stayed in shared accommodation, and 21 percent of remaining travelers said they did. HomeAway is more appealing to non-African-American travelers (10 percent) than African-American travelers (7 percent). HomeAway saw a 1-point increase from 6 percent in 2015 to 7 percent in 2016. VRBO saw 6 percent of African American travelers using their service. To read more, click here.

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