Commune Launches New Joie de Vivre Hotels Website

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—Commune Hotels & Resorts has launched a new website,, for its Joie de Vivre Hotels brand. Created for discovery-driven travelers, the site is anchored in responsive design and optimized for all devices. Featuring a vibrant color palette, eye-catching photography, and rich storytelling, the user experience is designed to deliver enjoyment and better serve the needs of guests by facilitating exploration through destination-inspired content curated by locals and hotel staff.

“Joie de Vivre is not a one-size-fits-all hotel brand so we took a fun, ‘joyful’ approach to our website design. In doing so, we’re better able to highlight the individuality of each hotel by allowing them to customize their content and unpack the magic of their neighborhoods,” said Scott Williams, chief creative officer of Commune Hotels & Resorts. “Our focus is on our guests and providing them with the tools to plan unique and unexpected trips, whether traveling for business or pleasure. The Joie de Vivre Hotels site as a whole draws on the brand’s cheerful ethos that has established such a strong fan base.”

The enhanced Joie de Vivre Hotels online platform introduces an “Explore” tool that interacts with and gets to know guests based on what they like to do, who they’re traveling with, and where they want to go. Additionally, the website has enriched social integrations, which include animated Instagram feeds, and enhanced mapping functionalities, complete with a customizable overlay of local charms, events, and restaurants. With an exploration process that is both fun and informative, the curiosity-seeking Joie de Vivre guest can enjoy the journey of planning a trip.


Alongside the launch of the all-new website, Joie de Vivre Hotels’ new “Joy Ride” travel blog inspires wanderlust with original editorial content that covers all aspects of lifestyle—food, drink, art, architecture, music, events, festivals—in cities and destinations across the country where the brand has hotels. The blog will dig deeper into Joie de Vivre locales and provide hyper-local content to enrich the overall site experience.

Commune Hotels & Resorts enlisted the expertise of leading New York-based digital advertising and marketing agency, Sideways, to develop the new website. The ability to cater to the individual interests and priorities of guests provides a richer search experience and allows users to delve deeper into individualized content.

“We redefined the process of online hotel searching by introducing an intelligent and visually stimulating exploration tool, unique to Joie de Vivre,” said Tim Murphy, president of Sideways Inc. “It’s built so a family of four vacationing with their dog can easily imagine themselves at a property, while a business traveler can do the same in a way that’s specific to his or her wants and needs. It’s a new paradigm for finding the right place to stay, and reveals all the great places that Joie de Vivre has to offer in a clever way.”