Food and BeverageCicero Completes Renovation of Omni Chicago's 676 Restaurant and Bar

Cicero Completes Renovation of Omni Chicago’s 676 Restaurant and Bar

If hotel restaurants—especially those in city center locations—want to stay competitive, they have to offer outstanding food and service. But the design of the space is also essential, and restaurants that don’t meet expectations of experience-seeking guests and locals will start to see profits shrink.

The Omni Chicago knows how important revitalization is to the hotel. The property recently underwent a renovation that included public spaces, meeting rooms, and ballrooms. And during the renovation, the hotel dining destination, 676 Restaurant and Bar, was also given a major overhaul.

Cicero, a general contractor specializing in hotel renovation, completed the makeover in March and gave the establishment a modern twist, while still keeping the history and style of the original alive. The three-week renovation included refinishing the restaurant’s inlaid wood floors, installing new millwork to enhance the custom murals featuring photos of Pine Street (now Michigan Avenue) in the year 1875, and Cicero’s refurbishing the existing millwork on the 50-foot bar. Cicero also replaced all existing carpeting, window treatments, and wall coverings, and painted the ceiling a crisp white. Finally, new furniture, artwork and lighting fixtures were added to complete the look. 

We have a feeling that discerning diners and hotel guests will appreciate the new look of 676.