Cheryl Forberg Joins Omni Hotels as In-House Nutritionist

Staying healthy and keeping up with diets while on the road is becoming more and more important to travelers. And hotels that offer healthy options or expanded fitness offerings will continue to have a leg-up on those that don’t evolve and adapt.

Omni Hotels and Resorts is continuing its commitment to offer healthy lifestyle choices by bringing celebrity dietitian and nutritional guru Cheryl Forberg on board as the brand’s in-house nutritionist. You might recognize Forberg from her stint on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Now, she will help Omni create delicious and nutritious new menu choices for the hotel’s in-room dining, banquets and restaurants, including the introduction of an entirely new Kids Menu.

“Omni recognizes today’s discerning traveler’s demand food and beverage options that are both pleasing to their palates and nutritious for their overall well-being,” said Stephen Rosenstock, senior vice president of food and beverage for Omni Hotels & Resorts. “While Omni has a rich history of providing healthy, flavorful menus, Cheryl’s infinite knowledge and passion for wonderful food will help us successfully balance these two demands.”


Forberg will work closely with Omni’s executive chefs and culinary leaders to expand the hotel company’s healthy dining options and will focus on preparing dishes in a more socially responsible way.

“I’m eager to work with Omni to put flavors first, combining just the right amount of fresh delicious ingredients to create bold enticing flavors, that also happen to be healthy,” said Forberg. “Cooking with just the right flavor can turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience.”

What do you think of Omni’s partnership with Forberg? Do you think it will get more health-conscious diners into Omni’s hotels and restaurants?