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Carpet Cleaning Procedures

Using a lot of water when cleaning carpets can result in mold, mildew, and other problems. That’s why many cleaners are moving toward low-moisture techniques. Temperature, humidity, and ventilation can impact drying time, so here are some good carpet cleaning tips.

Perform routine maintenance. Schedule an interim carpet cleaning about once per month. These routines can help remove surface soils, minimize the development of visibly soiled areas in busy walkways, and maintain the carpet’s appearance.

Deep clean when necessary. Restorative carpet cleaning helps remove deeply embedded soils. Carpets should be extracted every two to three months and more often if soiling is present.

Investigate the power and amount of water used in hot-water extractors. Low-moisture systems will use less than a gallon of water per minute to clean, which is much less than conventional machines and many older carpet extractors.

Look for cleaning wands with advanced airflow. This greatly increases the overall water removal efficiency of the machine.

Mark Baxter is an engineer with U.S. Products, manufacturer of professional carpet cleaning equipment.