Bring Guests On: Five Digital Marketing Guidelines for Hoteliers

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With all there is to consider, it can be hard to know where to start—or end—when it comes to digital marketing. Here are some digital marketing guidelines for making the decisions that can make all the difference in results.

1Media spend wisely.

Examine data reports to determine what’s worth the spend and what isn’t.

2Make a good first web impression.

Regard a hotel’s website image like that of the lobby. Conduct regular examinations and promptly resolve problems.

3Facilitate visitor conversion.

Evaluate and document the path to online booking and modify if indicated; and make it easy to book and become a loyalty member.

4Mine your email.

The guest’s email address can be worth a fortune when used to greatest advantage. Use it as soon as you get it to engage them and build a relationship before and after their stay.

5Put it all together.

The booking flow is a complicated process composed of numerous traffic sources. Take care to be in tune with the entire funnel to improve direct bookings.

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Chris Spears is co-founder and chief marketing technology officer at Arke, a digital demand and revenue consultancy.