Bouncing Back After Bed Bugs

The only thing that scares hotel operators more than bed bugs is an empty hotel room, yet the two often go hand in hand. Rooms can be out of service as long as two weeks, and treatment costs range from $400 to $2,000 per room. Here are some tips for returning rooms to service faster after bed bugs:

Find a licensed pest management professional who has experience with bed bug inspection, including magnifying eyewear, active or passive detectors, and/or bed bug sniffing dogs. Ask for proof of bed bugs since a more easily treatable pest like fleas could be causing your problems.

Use a combination of technologies. Though it can take up to three treatments to eradicate bed bugs, new technologies are reducing time and effort. Choose from chambered heat treatments, vapor strips, insecticide sprays labeled for furniture and mattresses, and insecticidal dusts for cracks, crevices, and outlets.

Try ongoing detection. Don’t wait days or weeks to return rooms to service when you can use bed bug detection devices to confirm that treatments are working in 24 hours and up to 90 days after rooms are back in service.


Phil Hadley is a 33-year pest management veteran with Collier Pest Control.

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