Industry NewsBloom Energy Brings Fuel Cell Technology to Hyatt

Bloom Energy Brings Fuel Cell Technology to Hyatt

CHICAGO—In its continuous effort to innovate around sustainability and improve the communities that it calls home around the world, Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced today a new relationship with Bloom Energy, a fuel cell technology company known for its unique on-site power generation systems. Hyatt Regency Greenwich has been selected as the recipient of Hyatt’s first 500kW fuel cell, which will provide up to 75 percent of the hotel’s energy load, generating significant cost savings. By generating its own electricity on-site with Bloom Energy, the hotel will reduce its carbon emissions by 40 percent compared to electricity purchased from the grid. Hyatt is announcing this news on the heels of the release of its 2015 Scorecard Report, which outlines the company’s progress against its social and environmental commitments and goals.

The investment in fuel cell technology reflects the company’s 2020 goals to further its commitment to environmental stewardship. Among Hyatt’s 2020 vision are the goals of using resources more thoughtfully, making more environmentally responsible purchasing decisions, building more efficient and sustainable hotels, and encouraging broader adoption of sustainable practices by working with business partners and testing new solutions.

“We are excited to embark on this project with Bloom Energy– climate change is a critical issue we collectively face, and Hyatt has been focused on reducing our impact, primarily through energy efficiency measures,” said Brigitta Witt, global head of corporate responsibility for Hyatt. “Through this new relationship with Bloom Energy, we have the ability to explore technology that has not yet been widely incorporated across hotels as a way to reduce our carbon emissions and energy costs. Our work with Bloom Energy ties directly into our dual commitment of being efficient operators and good stewards of the environment.”

“Bloom Energy congratulates Hyatt on its progress toward its greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability goals, and we are excited to recognize Hyatt Regency Greenwich as the first Bloom powered hotel,” said Bill Thayer, executive vice president of sales, Bloom Energy.

“It is quite an exciting time to be a part of the hotel team and help propel the company’s goals forward,” said Shaheryar Adil, general manager of Hyatt Regency Greenwich. “Using fuel cells will greatly reduce our carbon footprint in Greenwich and is a step forward in helping to create sustainable communities around the world.”

Bloom Energy’s technology combines fuel with oxygen from the ambient air to produce electricity through a highly efficient electrochemical reaction without combustion