Automating the Front Desk

Whether through a kiosk, the internet, or a mobile device, self check-in for hotel guests is starting to lighten the load for front desk associates around the world. As this trend catches on, many hotels are making a switch in service and investing in a top-notch self check-in experience.

LODGING spoke with Laurent Cardot, the CEO and founder of Ariane Systems, a company that develops self check-in kiosks, about the increasing prevalence of this technology at hotels. According to Cardot, who started Ariane System 16 years ago, hotels have experienced a massive shift since the turn of the century. As third-party sellers such as and Expedia have come into the market, hoteliers have had to find new ways to appeal to consumers.

“If hotels do not offer self check-in solutions or an excellent online guest experience, guests are going to look for someone who does,” he says. “And third-party websites are already doing that very well.”

Many of the hotel brands are tying the self check-in experience to mobile apps that also allow guests to make dinner reservations, learn about local activities, and more. While keeping up with new trends is essential to staying relevant in the industry, Cardot reminds hoteliers that the guest experience should be every hotelier’s focus.


“If hotels fail to concentrate on the guest experience, then their business will suffer,” he says.

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Robin McLaughlin is digital editor of LODGING.